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After Boom… We get the feeling we are taking down a cosmic mandala, to give room to reinvention and impermanent flow… Thanks to all the participants, team, guests, artists, Boomers and the universe. WE ARE LOVE

The Boom Diaries: Day 6

"I am changed!" – How Boom is a transformational experience

As the August full moon casts its silver light over the quiet, black waters of the lake there is yet another shift in the atmosphere of Boom. The great spotlight has been switched on for the final stage of this psychedelic gathering – the last 24 hours of the festival have begun. There’s a sense of ecstatic urgency in the air, the lights seem to be even brighter, the music from the stages even more crisp and hypnotic, the smiles even bigger. The mind-boggling video mappings on the facades of the Dance Temple erupt into an orgasm of floating colours and shapes, a visionary experience of utter magnificence. The rich bass lines that emit from the different stages have finally vibrated the Boomers into the sacred state of collective trance. A thunderstorm of laser rays can be seen on top of the fluorescent Wish Tower, giving expression to the positive energy that is send to the universe. Wormholes and teleportation gates have popped up all over the vast festival area, and wondrous beings from strange dimensions mingle with the frolicking crowds.
When the sun sends its golden grace over Boom Land, there’s one sentence to be heard again and again and again: I am changed. Thousands of tribe members experienced the last days as a transformation, as a rite of passage. If so many Boomers had a life-changing experience, there’s one very interesting question: Exactly what is that change, and what is left after the festival?
The perception of a festival as a multinational gathering has changed. If you love psychedelic music, in the broadest possible sense of this term, then Boom 2014 has been an amazing experience that delivered loads of vibrant musical input, from Psytrance to Dark Progressive, from Forest and HiTech to Techno and Glitch Hop, from Dub to Ambient and Organic Trance. In this respect Boom has been a source of inspiration that is truly mind-changing. However, the gathering is so much more than a music festival, and that has probably never been more evident as during this edition: The spiritual and therapeutic program of the Healing Area with its multitude of workshops has been just as deep and powerful as the party program on the dance floors, and some Boomers enjoyed it as the major part of the festival. There have been some highly inspiring speeches in the Liminal Village, and the active reaction of the audience proves that the seed of change has been planted in the mind of many Boomers. It has been a visionary and psychedelic gathering rather than a music festival.
What role did The Feminine play in this process of transformation? Female symbols and sources of energy had a major influence on the vibe of the festival. It became clear that female should not be understood as a polarity, merely as a counterpart to male, but rather as a trait – just like gentleness or wisdom. Women have obviously more feminine energy, but also men have feminine powers. Just think about the two hemispheres of the brain, that might be another model that connects with the idea of femininity and masculinity as a dynamic mixture. The vibe at Boom Festival has been a great inspiration how female energy can be an essential part of transformation.

Another interesting question is: Will the mind-changing experience of Boom really cause an ongoing change, in the everyday lives of thousands of Boomers everywhere on this planet? During the last days we have reflected on various takeaway messages: Patience and empathy, the sense of wonder, and how to arrive in the Here & Now have been some of them.
Let’s use all those blissful memories we have of Boom 2014 as a source of power, as a source of change even after the festival!
Thanks to everyone who was part of this experience – We Are Love!

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The Boom Diaries: Day 5

Family and friendship are the source code for the Boom experience

Looking at the multicoloured crowd here at Boom it’s quite obvious that it is a very social thing. Human interaction, new encounters and friendship are another essential part of the experience. Where can you sit down with your lunch or dinner and enjoy a chat with random people from more than 130 different countries? Here at Boom, at the Central Plaza! If you had the pleasure to be in this situation you will agree that inspiring company refines every meal, just like a good spice.

Diversity is beautiful. That’s an obvious lection when you browse around here at Boom and look at the multinational crowd that is the Boomers. Handsome faces and bodies everywhere. And when you start talking with these beautiful people, when you connect with their beautiful minds, you soon realize that diversity is also a great source of inspiration: We can learn from the attitude, the wisdom, and especially from the humour of other nations. In this way we can shape a state of consciousness that has no borders and that is influenced by all the different cultures of this planet. Rather than being sceptic about others we should embrace the inspiring parts of their culture, be it here at the festival or be in everyday life.

Friendship is one the major sources of energy that fuels the Boom experience. On Day 5 there are old friends who met after several years, enjoying their reunion. There are lots and lots of new friends, and often two people connect their minds using the code of a 3rd language. Some fall in love and even a colourful wedding ceremony could be seen on the shores of the lake.

One of the ultimate forms of friendship is family, of course. It’s great to see how this year’s extensive program for kids works out and how parents and children can enjoy a great festival alike. The microcosm of BimBamBoom, the kids space next to the family camping really seems like a miniature version of this gathering – or is the hustle and bustle between the dance floors, gardens and the art museum just a grown-up version of that kids space? However, both children and adults can enjoy just the right environment.

Be friendly, make friends, embrace the good ideas of other cultures – Friendship is the basis on which we can build an alternative reality!

Click here to see the photo diary of Day 5

The Boom Diaries: Day 4

The vibe of Boom is rising and falling between ecstasy and relaxation


Like everything in nature, also Boom has a rhythm. It’s the rhythm of driving Psytrance grooves, of heady Techno beats, of ethereal Chill Out and glitchy Bass music, of drums and guitars… But there’s yet another, even more profound rhythm out here at Boom Land: The steady rise and fall between excitement and calmness, between ecstasy and relaxation. Like the heartbeat of this psychedelic gathering it creates a vibe that is both full-throttle party euphoria and reflective moments of peace and tranquillity.

If you have seen the vibrant ecstasy that resonated in the bodies and minds of thousands of Boomers during the sets of Perfect Stranger or Atmos on this Day 4 of the festival, it is actually hard to imagine that not far away there’s a place dedicated exclusively to the relaxation of body and mind: The Healing Area. While rippling muscles twitch and glisten in the dusty afternoon sun that fills the Dance Temple, the same muscles of different bodies enjoy a traditional massage or absorb the floating energy of the liquid element during a water therapy. While the minds of some Boomers are charged to the max with stimuli for all senses, other Boomers clear the cache of their brains while engaging in meditation. Some Boomers frolic in excitement to the sleek grooves in the Alchemy Circle, just to have a relaxing stroll through the architectonic artwork of the art gallery some hours later.


A musical highlight of this Day 4 that reflects the wave character of Boom in the most beautiful way is Anoushka Shankar. The mesmerizing performance of the singer breaks new grounds, even for the open-minded and forward-thinking approach of Boom’s Dance Temple. The concert crosses bridges between traditional music and the international, global vibe of our times – deep, reflective sitar parts take turns with percussive, highly danceable sections. A vibrant source of female energy that reflects the musical vision of Boom in yet another, exciting new way.

The tides of ecstasy and relaxation keep rising and falling… the full moon’s spring tide is yet to come.

The Boom Diaries: Day 3

A clean environment, an uncluttered place for visions to grow
There are many aspects that make Boom stand out from other gatherings of the global psychedelic tribe: The brightness of the colours, the internationality of the crowd, the diversity of arts, intellectual input and entertainment. But there’s yet another factor that reflects the special vibe of Boom, quite an obvious factor: It’s clean. Even after 2 nights of wild party and several days of hurly-burly beach life you have to search to find a single cigarette butt or piece of litter on the ground. The compost toilets are in heavy use – but you won’t find any disgusting mess inside those wooden booths.
It’s contagious: When everybody is using portable ash trays it all of a sudden feels wrong to just throw away a cigarette butt. If there’s a clean patch of grass nobody wants to be the first to drop an empty beer can. Boomers love their drinks and enjoy the great variety of food that is available at the festival - still there’s a common sense of cleanliness among the delicious debauchery. And it feels like this clean environment creates a perfect setting for the mind of the Boomers, it’s like a tabula rasa, a free, uncluttered space for visions to grow. Yet another takeaway message of this amazing gathering of the psychedelic tribe!

Mutual experiences are the stuff friendships are made of - the stronger the experience, the stronger the bonding. Intense experiences for all senses and for the human intellect are the stuff Boom is made of. That might well be the reason why at Boom there is a strong vibe of friendship on this Day 3 of the festival. The sound of Boom is not only the sound of beats and bass lines, but also the sound of relaxed chats in a multitude of languages. The appearance of Boom is not only the sight of glowing colours and organic structures, but also the sight of people smiling at each other, of people hugging, of people kissing: We Are Love!

The Boom Diaries: Day 2

How Boom creates an intense experience of Here & Now.

Where can we find bliss? Here & Now! How can we arrive there? Actually it’s simple:  We just need to use our sense of wonder. Remember when you were a kid and quite everything was new and amazing? We have to get back to that state of mind, we have to break the chains of comparison and over-analytic thoughts that keep us away from living in the Here & Now. What happens at Boom is a very intense Here & Now experience.

There’s just so much amazing things to see on this Day 2 of the festival. The surreal perfection of the Venuses that look down onto the ecstatic oneness of the Dance Temple crowd; The highly symbolic clay walls of the Liminal Village; The living machines from some alien dimension that have landed next to the Dance Temple; The energetic, clear shapes of the Alchemy Circle; And the entertaining structures on the Playground, where we ultimately become children again when riding the merry-go-round and forget the limitations of our adult minds.
Wonder and surprise lurks at every corner. A herd of silver dinosaurs appears from the lush green gardens, ominous, not quite human-shaped characters wander towards the hypnotic grooves that come from the Dance Temple, and in the middle of the Alchemy Circle there are colourful elves dancing on stilts over the heads of the crowd. Just when you think you got used to the load of visual inspiration, there is yet another input that draws you right back into a state of deep wonder, into the sacred realm of Here & Now.
There’s yet another reason why the visual impressions at Boom set our minds to a state of Here & Now: They are always a blend of human creativity and the organic perfection of Mother Nature. Natural materials like all the bamboo used for the constructions are not only beautiful to look at, but also remind us on a subliminal level that we need to reconnect with where we come from to arrive in the Here & Now. Plants are an essential part of every festival area and establish a strong connection to our roots, they remind us that we are all just different leaves of one tree.
Getting sucked into the vortex of Here & Now at Boom is more than an epic festival experience – it recharges the battery of our sense of wonder!
Here & Now – back tomorrow

The Boom Diaries: Day 1

Finally they fell silent. The wild tides of cheering that surged over Boom Land during the last days stopped completely. For a moment there was only the sound of wind and water – and the voice of The Feminine. It was a beautiful and strong voice, and it reminded the thousands of Boomers standing around of a beautiful and strong truth, it reminded them of the unconditional love they receive from Mother Earth.
It seemed like the incredible load of positive vibes that has been building during the last days was concentrated during the opening ceremony at the Healing Area. One could almost feel the air vibrating as the collective energy of the Boomers was channelled through a deep and inspiring poem, illustrated by a beautiful performance. In this way it was taken to an even higher level from where it streamed straight towards the place where it belongs: To the sacred spheres of the Dance Temple. Thousands of Boomers flocked and gathered for the opening of this magnificent structure.
The first afternoon at the Dance Temple was a mind-boggling experience of mass euphoria. Good times, here and now. But at the same time a mighty inspiration for the power we draw from that state of mind known as good mood: Gentleness and openness towards others have a self-oscillating effect, and spreading love and good vibes will inspire the people around us to do so, as well. In the environment of Boom Land it simply feels amazing, and of course we like to do things that feel amazing. However, this experience of euphoria can teach us a lesson how to create a more peaceful and positive environment also in everyday life.

The massive amount of euphoria was not restricted to the Dance Temple, where the crowds were pleased by deep and kicking Psytrance grooves. Also the Alchemy Circle was buzzing with good energy, as broken beats and bass structures woofed from the sound system. The Chill Out was definitely not a place for sleeping on this Day 1 of Boom Festival, the music was mixed with the sound of inspiring conversations, of cultural gaps being bridged and new friendships being made.
The sacred Trance Dance has begun – Let’s see where it takes us next!
To be continued tomorrow

The Boom Diaries: Day 0

At the beginning there was the Line, and the Line was Boom. Yes, standing in line is indeed the opening act for this Boom experience. At the same time it is a rite of passage. How that? Well, of course waiting in a hot car or in a huge crowd for a long period of time is usually perceived much less pleasant and enlightening than having a collective blast on the dance floor. But remember: Ultimately it’s all those Boomers standing in line in front of you who are a part of the beautiful, multicoloured crowd that makes the vibe here at Boom Festival so special. After all, we are one! Gentleness, patience and calmness are the first lections to be learned here at Boom – and looking at the bright smiles of most Boomers standing in line it looks like most of them mastered this lection just perfect!
As the stream of newcomers keeps floating throughout this Day 0 it gets busier and busier inside the actual festival area. It needs some patience and respect to find a nice place to build a camp, as the population of Boom Land is growing rapidly. Yet another aspect of the experience, and something we urgently need outside the gates to Boom, as well. Those who got settled soon undergo a fascinating transformation: Eager anticipation is building and the tides of euphoric cheering keep rising as the golden light of the afternoon sun reflects from beautiful bodies and shiny smiles from all around the world. Like nectar attracts the butterflies, music attracts the Boomers: As soon as the final sound checks start and music is woofing from the cosmic sound systems in the Dance Temple, the Alchemy Circle and the Chillout Gardens, people come in flocks and start dancing.

Speaking of the Dance Temple: Although it has been inspired by the still unfinished Sagrada Familia, it looks like this majestic piece of sacral architecture here at Boom will be completed just in time for the great opening! It’s fascinating to see how the entire production team is mega busy, but at the same time mega relaxed. Of course they are working on one of the most beautiful construction grounds of this planet – but still it’s a great inspiration to see how they encounter critical situations and unexpected challenges with humour and creativity rather than nervousness and fear of the future.
The energy is building – and as we are approaching Day 1, it will erupt very soon!

To be continued tomorrow

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