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It has been an absolutely amazing festival and gathering of tribes. Thank You!

Nevertheless a few of you have left behind some of your belongings and we would very much like to see you receive them back!

The Lost&Found service at Boom festival operating out of the Info Stand has already during the festival helped Boomers find some of their stuff. A few numbers for you:

From 174 phones brought in, 86 were returned to there owners during the festival. Of 207 bags received, 60 were returned during the festival. Of 38 cameras, 12 have been returned and of 474 wallets and documents, 215 have been returned.

To continue to help you guys find your stuff we have created a Lost&Found page where you will be able to check for your missing belongings. Please follow the link below:

If you identify any of the items as being yours, please connect with us at and we will happily organize the return of your belongings.

Please note that this service will be running for the next 3 months. After this time, unclaimed items will be given to a local charity.

Sincerely hoping that all of you find whatever you have lost, with Love and dedication,

Boom Festival Team

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